1. This brought me to a million tears today. God Bless the lost boys and girls.

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    1000 roses on Canfield, the area which Mike Brown was murdered.

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    A mother’s worst nightmare.

    She was preaching

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  6. Much love and support on the anniversary of Tristan’s passing tonight. On behalf of our family, I thank you deeply, truly, madly and eternally.


  8. We want justice and protection for our children and families in our inner city and underprivileged cities. Keep your eyes peeled for KESQ local news for Palm Springs/DHS California for our family’s interview today at City Hall.


  9. "I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within."
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    One the deepest poems you will ever hear.

    "Lost Count: A Love Story" is about the violence in Chicago.

    Our children are killing our children and we need PEACE.


  12. mylifeinheartbeats:

    If my kisses

    could heal your bruises

    I would kiss you until

    my lips were bruised

    If my lips could

    seal your wounds

    I would kiss you until

    they were bloody

    And if my blood

    could fade your scars

    there would be none

    left in my body.

  13. May she spread grace and harmony on us all.

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    Forever reblog.


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